Monday, 6 June 2011


This evening I spent an hour wandering in the local fields by the river, taking photographs, searching for inspiration before embarking on project 3 -colour. There was much to be gained, wild flowers, tree bark, grasses, water and a gorgeous sky meant for a lovely walk.

I started to think about where I gain creative inspiration from and there was a lot of different sources, books, music, textiles, people and pictures to name a few; there were not too many commonalities.

However, thinking about the people I know personally and who inspire me two things emerged.

Firstly the people who I know who are creative and inspiring are all experimental, they are not afraid of mistakes and they are open to many different experiences.

Secondly there are a group of people who have the ability to give of themselves and to support the endeavours of others with encouragement and enthusiasm, so even if they are not explicitly creative they support creativity in others and take pleasure from doing so.

I think there are things that I can learn from this and try to be more free with my time and accept that making mistakes in my work is okay and it is all about learning.

I have decided to do a collage in my sketch book with all the labels I have picked up from open studios, exhibitions etc when I have been inspired.

What inspires you?


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